O-Anon is a fellowship of friends and relatives of compulsive eaters. O-Anon is not part of, but does work in cooperation with, Overeaters Anonymous (OA). We in O-Anon have found that the compulsive overeater’s obsession with food and his or her related behaviors has negative effects on the rest of the family and often on friends.


Here are a few statements paraphrased from O-Anon members:

Have you ever thought and/or had these behaviors noted in the statements below?

1.    I have hidden food so the compulsive eater couldn’t eat it.

2.    I have felt emotionally, physically and/or sexually “turned off” by the  behavior or    appearance of the compulsive eater.


3.    I get tired of constantly being on an emotional roller coaster and having to ‘walk on egg shells.’

4.    I have sometimes thought: “Why can’t he or she just stop eating?” It’s simple; I do it all the time; just use a little willpower.

5.    I sometimes feel threatened that if my compulsive eater gets thin and attractive, then he or she might leave me.